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Vestry p141

[transcription below image]  page 140 : page 142

page 141

At a Metting Held this 4th Day of August 1830 ~
Complaints W’m Kemp want to be employed { not Allowed
Rich’d Dolton wants Something Allowed him
agreeing to leave the Country – to be Allowed one Pound
Mary Key wants Employ for her Boy, not to be employed
It is Also Agreed that the Men are not be employed
on Monday next Jeff Tredwell
Tho’s Malsbury
J Arnatt
W Scott
At a Meeting Held this 24th Day of August 1830
Complaints} Wid’w Manders wants some Relief for
her Self and Son
{ to be allowed ?Workhouse?
if she takes the Child

With her

At A Meeting held this 15th Day of September 1830


Rob’t Gough
W’m Everett
Jeffry Tredwell
W’m Corbett
W’m Scott
Tho’s Stockley
Tho’s Malsbury

{ Churchwardens

Complaints }

Wid’w Hichcox wants some shoes for her
Son John and Shirt as well
{  not Allowed
John Brewerton wants Employ ~ not Allowed
John Hales  and  Geo Smith want Employ for

there boys

{  to be employed
John Carrs Boys wants Employ Thos Read d’o } ?All’d?
Bet Short  wants her Rent
Thos Brewerton wants Something for his Daughter
Geo Holton wants Employ
Rich’d Terry   do    do
G’o Stuchfield do    do  to be Employed
James Holton  ~ ~ do    do
Hen’y Read ~ ~ do    do
Tho’s Hale ~ ~ do    do

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