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Vestry p143

[transcription below image]  page 142 : page 144

page 143

At A Vestry Held this 3rd Day of March 1831
Present Thos Malsbury
Ab’m Durrant
W’m Butcher
W’m Everett
W’m Allen
Complaints Wid’w Spratley wants Something Allowed for
A Woman, to Nurse her     to be left to the Overseer
Martin Lucas wants his 1s/6d Per Week ~ ~ not Allowed
Edward Harvey 2 Girls want Something Allowed ~
Mary Terry wants Something for the Workhouse

At Vestry Held this Day 20of April 1831

Present W’m Everett
W’m Butcher
Tho’s Stockley
W’m Fletcher
W’m Tomes
W’m Smith
Complaints Ge’o Moss wants something for his Father very ill
wants some Linen  ~    allowed Shirt
Geo ~~ Petty  wants Employ ~    Allowed 2/6
Mary Key wants to No what she is have
Per Week for her and Child
~ 3/6
Wid’w Bloxham wants Something allowed for
her Boy to Stop at Home
– 6/0
James Parkins wants Something allowed for
his time he has Lost
Not Allowed
Mary Terry wants Some thing Allowed
for Tho’s Keys Girl to being Lace Making
Tho’s Keys wants Pair of Shose Not Allowed

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