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Vestry p147

[transcription below image]  page 146 : page 148

page 147

Present Jeffrey Tredwell
W’m Fletcher
John Hitchen
Thos Malsbury
W’m Everett
Tho’s Stockley
Complaints W’m Kemp wants Something more Relief  /  not allowed ~
Edward Smith wants to be Paid for 5 Days Pay
which he has been after Work and Cant Get
any employ ~~
{ Allowed
{  ?7 shillings
Tho’s Cross wants to be Paid for 5 days which he as
been after work
{not All’d
Young men now Standing Still to have but 4s/0d Per Week ~~
and the Rest in per-posion ~ [i.e. proportion?]
Men to be Laid at 9s/0d Per Week
The Men to Answere to there Names 12 Times A day
to come at 6 oclock in the Morning until 6 at Night
Nick Franklin taken of one Shilling Per Week and Others
A Vestry Held this Day June ~ 29 ~ 1831
Present The Rev’d Geo Coleman
W’m Fletcher
Tho’s Stockley
W’m Corbett
W’m Everett
Complaints Tho’s Cross wants Relief  Lend him 5s/0
Hanna Franklin wants the Shilling /week

to be put on

{ ?all’d?
W’m Heritage wants some Relief ~ to be left to


James Holton to be Allowed one Shilling ?per Week

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