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Vestry p149

[transcription below image]  page 148 : page 150

page 149

A Vestry Held this 31st  Day of August 1831
Present Thos Malsbury
Tho’s Stockley
W’m Everett
W’m Tomes
W’m Fletcher
Complaints Geo Burnall Wife and one Child applies for Relief
[hard to read] ?— to take the Workhouse – his not agreed 2/6 and if
Thos Smith wants more Money    5s/0d  Per Week
Benj’n Durrant wants Employ
John Carr    Do    Do ~~
Butcher and Heritage want to be Paid for doing for
  John Makepeace at the time of his death {  Allowed
Tho’s Hins wants a dockter to come to his Wife
and ?then? wants the Parish to give him Two
Pound not to come to the Parish for any
more aslong has he lives
Geo Neal wants Employ
Jo’s Heritage and Stuchfield and G Steeden
  want Employ
Thos Steeden not to be employed
A Vestry Held this 7th day of September1831
Present Jeffrey Tredwell
Tho’s Malsbury
W’m Everett
Wm Tomes ~
Complaints Jo’s Terry wants some thing More
Allowed more than his Week Allowance
{ 1s/6d
Wid’w Bloxham wants a Pair of Shoen
for her Boy ~~~~~~~~
{ ~
Geo Burnell Wife 3/0
Agreed that no men to be Paid for Last Week
and if not Satesfod to see if the can get it

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