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Vestry p152

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page 152

A Vestry Held this 3rd Day of November 1831
Geo Coleman Curate Chairman  
Present James Lainchbury
Tho’s Malsbury
Jeffrey Tredwell
W’m Everett
Tho’s Stockley
Benj’n Ridgeway
W’m Neal
Ambrose Durrant
John Craddock
Tho’s Horwood  
Complaints Edward Harvey wants 2 Shilling Per Week and to
take his Chance
} to be allowed
} 1/ Per Week
Moeses Short wants Something towards
a Pair of Shoes
{ Allowed 3/0 and
{ to be Paid to the
{ Shoemaker
Penney Packer wants Something for waiting on
       Mrs Kemp
{     to be allowed
{     1/ Per Week
Bet Manders wants Something Allowed for
her Granson
{ 1/ Per Week
if not willing to
take that 1/6d [~~}
Geo Petty wants Employ   ~~~~   Allowed   ~~~~~~
Complaint of the Parish Docktor
Mary Terry wants Some Linnen ~~
John Holton wants Some Relief  to be Allowed
James Markham wants Employ  to be Employed

Wm Everett  ~~~~~~~

It was further resolved the undersigned present
that the Labourers should be allotted in the
proportion of Two Men and one boy to £120 in the
Rate and that a Rate be raised for the
Maintenance of the Surplus unemployed poor

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