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Vestry p153

[transcription below image]  page 152 :  page 154

page 153

George Coleman Curate
Ja’s Lainchbury
Tho’s Malsbury
Cha’s Jones for the Duke of Buckingham
  A Durrant W’m Tredwell John Hitchcock
  John Craddock F Dagley John Fowler
  William Toms W Thornton Will’m Harris
  Thomas Horwood John Stockley C. Coleman
Benjamin Ridgway Rev’d John Russel
William Neale Eliz’th Gough
William Smith Tho’s Painter
Robert Read James  Berry
Jeffery Tredwell W’m Corbett
John Coare
William Everett Mary Jackson
  At the same Vestry it was further Resolved that
Instructions be given to Mr Hearn to adopt legal
Means to compel the late overseer William Butcher
to pay over the Balance due from him to the Parish
at Lady-day last     and that the chairman be
requested to Sign this Resolution in behalf of the Vestry

George Coleman

A Vestry Held this 17 day of November 1831
  The Rev’d Geo Colemamem Chairman
W’m Tomes
John Hitchcox
John Craddock
Tho’s Horwood
W’m Everett
Benj’n Ridgeway
Jeffery Tredwell
Complaints Mrs Clark applies for something for daughter
    Put to Bed to be Allowed 16/ for her Month

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