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Vestry p154

[transcription below image]  page 153 : page 155

page 154

Wid’w Holton wants more Money 2s/6d Per Week and if she goes
? Nursing? Take 1/6 Per Week of
Anna Stokes wants more Money 3/0d ~~ Per Week ~~~
Jane Lee wants some a  Pair of Shoese for her boy
and Smock Frock
 { to be left to
{ the Overseer
Tho’s Carr and John Carr not to be Paid for two day
At the same Vestry it was further agreed to
allow two parish Men to lie still at day and
watch at night & to receive from the Parish
according to their present pay.  All further
expenses to be paid by subscriptions, according to
rate as agreed to before.  A Committee to
carry the above into effect, consisting of the
Rev’d G. Coleman, W’m Lainchbury & Mr Malsbury
And that the Chairman be requested to
sign to sign this resolution in behalf of the vestry

G. Coleman, Chairman

A Vestry Held this 30th day of November 1831

The Rev’d Geo Coleman Chairman

Present James LainchburyJohn HitchcoxBenj’n Ridgeway

W’m Everett

James Berry

Tho’s Malsbury

W’m Tomes


Ann Wells applies for 1 Pound the remaining of the Ni..e

up to Lady Day ~~~ to be allowed ~ 10s/6d

Ann Terry wants more Relief ~~~ to be left to the Overseer

Eliz’th ?Kew? to go Buckingham  to be allowed 2s/6d Per Week and

~~~ No ?lodging? ~~~

Mr Clark wants Mrs Heritage to be Paid for waitingon Mary Clark – to be allowed 4s/0d Extra for her Month
It was further agreed that the Poors Land shall pay£22-15s ~ for one year to encludd all Rates

G. Coleman, Chairman

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