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Vestry p155

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page 155

A Vestry Held this 5th day of December 1831
Present  Rev’d G. Coleman
Ambrose Durrant
Benj’n Ridgway
John Craddock
Ja’s Berry
John Smith applied for 6s/ per week to maintain
him in Southam Infirmary for the cure of his
eyes ~ agreed to. ~
John Key applied for employ – Left to the Overseers
Ann Terry applied for her widow’s pay.  Allowed 2/6 per week
A Vestry Held this 14th Day of December 1831
James Lainchbury
Thos Malsbury
W’m Everett
Benj’n Ridgeway
James Berry
John Hitchcox
Ambrose Durrant
W’m Tomes
Tho’s Horwood
Tho’s Dickins wife wants Relief  2s/6d Per Week
Tho’s Key wants some Relief, weekly Pay Allowed
Wid’w Petty wants some thing Allowed for her Son, All’d
W’m Bloxham wants A Pair of Shoes ~~~~~
John Key wants to be Paid for 5 days Last  { 6d Per Day
week ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~ ~  {
Wid’w Terry – wants a Pair of Shoes, left until Next Vestry
John Holton wants some Relief – Allowed £1-0s-0d
it was further ordered that Wm Gunn should Pay £2-0s-0d
for the 23 Load of Stones

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