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Vestry p156

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page 156

A Vestry Held this 21st day of December 1831
Rev’d Geo Coleman Chairman
Present Jeff Tredwell
John Hitchen
W’m Tomes
Benj’n Ridgeway
W’m Everett
W’m Corbett
Ambrose Durrant
Tho’s Malsbury
Complaints Wid’w Key wants Something for keep her Son Thomas   \  left to the Overseer
Wid’w Lucas  wants More Money ~ \ to Relieved with one Shilling
Mary Key want More Money for her Boy  |  not Allowed  ~
Edward Harvey his willing to take the Child and
  Maintaint, but not willing to Pay the Bill
due  £1 – s19 – 0d
Acounts of votes for Edward Harvey | votes Against him  ~
Ambrose Durrant
John Hitchcox
~~ 1 vote
~~ 1 d’o
Jeffrey Tredwell
W’m Tomes
Tho’s Malsbury
W’m Corbett
Benj’n Ridgeway
W’m Everett
1 Vote
2 ~ do
5  Do
1 d’o
1 D’o
1 D’o
A Vestry Held this 4 day of Janury 1832
Present James Lainchbury
W’m Tomes
W’m Everett
Benj’n Ridgeway
ChairmanAmbrose Durrant
Complaints Eliz’th Smith wants some Relief |  left to the Overseer
Tho’s Key wants A Bed ~ to go by last vestry
W’m Rapwell to be allowed 2/6 as Relief
Ann Terry wants something allowed toward a Pair
of Shoese ~~~~~~
Tho’s Key wants to come in to the Workhouse

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