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Vestry p165

[transcription below image]   page 164 : page 166

page 165

1832  October 4th
At a Vestry Held this day at the Parish
Present James Lainchbury Chairman
Ambrose Durrant
John Hitchcock
W’m Everett
Complaints Tho’s Smith wants some Relief who his { 1 Per Week
  verey Ill ~~~~
He G Smith
Henry Read  ?Geo Petty  Benj’n Holton wants Employ
{~~} ?Monday to stand on
Tho’s Alton wants Relief ~ to Relived until Monday
It was Agreed that this Meeting be Ajourned
until Monday Octob’r 8th 1832
Jas Lainchbury
1832 October 8 A Vestry Held this day By Ajournment on the
4 day of the Said Month
Present Rev’d  George Coleman
Tho’s Malsbury
James Lainchbury
Will’m Tomes
John Hitchcock
Will’m Everett
Tho’s Painter
Rich’d King
Rob’t Hartwell
John Craddock
James Side
William Smith
Rob’t Read
John Pollard

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