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Vestry p166

[transcription below image]   page 165 : page 167

page 166

It was Resolved by all Present at this Vestrey that Assessment is to made for the
Employment of the Poor at the Rate of one Shilling in the Pound
~~ on the Land and Eight Pence on the ?Pound on the Houses
and it is further agreed that all who have not more than two
Acre of Land are to Pay Eight Pence in the Pound to the Rate
and those that have upwards are to Pay one Shilling in the
Pound and it was further agreed that this  each Rate shall be for one
G Coleman  Chairman
And it his further agreed that no Man who Keeps more than one
Pig his not to be employd nor Paid b the Parish nor to be accounted
for in this Rate  no Person who Keeps a dog or li~~~ except
a dog for Droving his to be Employ nor Paid
and that the Men are to have there Breakfast and be at there
Employers by seven oclock in the Morning and until {?} Five {blotted}
in the Evening and if out the are not to be PaidG Coleman, Chairman
Ja’s Lainchbury
Tho’s Malsbury
John Craddock
William Toms
John Hitchcock
Tho’s Painter
John Pollard
Richard King
Rob’t Hartwell Mark X
Robert Read
W’m Smith
Ja’s Side
W’m Everett

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