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Vestry p168

[transcription below image]   page 167 : page 169

page 168

At a Vestry Held this
At a Meeting held this 25th day of October at Mr Harriss’s
Oak Inn ~ on purpose of supplying the Poor with Coals at the
ready money price at Buckingham Wharf from the 29th October 1832 
to April 6th 1833 ~ The person who undertakes it is to supply the
Poor of Tingewick with sufficient Coals and be responsible
for all payments respecting the same ~ the Money that
is agreed on is to be paid Monthly only only one Month to be left
in the Overseers hands ~ The Man who undertakes it his to if
he gives it up before the time is expired to loose the months
Money in hand.
John Cross agrees to undertaked to fetch the Coal at C…
six pounds fifteen shillings for the supply time above
John Cross’s Mark  X { William Everett
John Hitchcock
A Vestry Held this 19th day of December 1832
Present Tho’s Malsbury
John Hitchcock
Willi’m Everett
Complaints Tho’s Brewerton want a place to be in
and Relief  ~ ~ ~
{ to Pay his Lodgings
until Saturday
Ann Terry wants Something for John Terry’s
Shoes or more Money
{ he has to go to the
W’m Key Wife wants Something for her daughter  {
Eliz’th Manders wants Something for her Granson ~~ Not Allowed
Mary Terry wants something for Mills Boy – Allowed
& wants more Coal for the Workhouse  Allowed 1 Hundred
W’m Franklin wants Employ ~ ~ ~ Allowed

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