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Vestry p169

[transcription below image]    page 168 : page 170

page 169

A Vestry Held this 2nd day of January 1833
Present W’m Tomes
John Hitchcock
W’m Everett
Rob’t Read
Complaints James Hattons Wife wants Relief for herself
and her family and Husband ~~~~
Wid’w Hitchcock wants a Pair of Shoes for her Boy } Money to be [???]
to be allowed half
Ann Brewerton wants Better lodgings 2s/6d Per Week
A Vestry Held this 1st day of February 1833
Rev’d Geo Coleman Chairman
Present Wi’’m Fletcher   John Fowler
John Craddock  Will’m Everett
John Hitchcock
Ambrose Durrant
Ja’s Side
Rob’t Read
W’m Tomes
W’m Smith
Complaints    ) Benj’n Heritage wants relief ~ to be left to the Overseer
Tho’s Petty ~ wants relief ~ allowed 5/-
Cath’n Smith ~ wants relief for her husband  1/ allowed
Jo’s Petty ~ wants relief allowed ? 2s6d
Tho’s Brewerton ~ wants a home not allowed
Tho’s Smith ~ wants relief allowed 2s-6d per ?week
It was agreed that 1s Y Week to be taken off the Single Men
6d off the Boys
John Parkins ~ wants relief ~ allowed 4s/~

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