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Vestry p171

[transcription below image]    page 170 : page 172

page 171

Complaints Mary Perry applies for something for her Daughter
Nursing Mary Stean ~~ allowed 1s/ for Week
Eliz’th Turner applies for Clothing ~ allowed
Tho’s Smith applies for More Money ~ allowed 3s/
The following Persons were thought proper to serve the Office
as Overseers for the ensuing year
?Maria Lainchbury
Ambrose Durrant
W’m Tome
Tho’s Bull
John Craddock
W’m Neal
John Fowler
John Pollard
Daniel SteedenHenry Painter
A Vestry Held this 10 day of April according to Notice on
Sunday Last
Present Willi’m Tomes
John Hitchcock
John Fowler
Ambrose Durrant
Tho’s Bull
William Fletcher
William Everett
Complaints Tho’s Brewerton wants a some of Money to take
him and his Family to London  to be allowed 20s/0
John Wells wants £1-10s to take his Chance until
Mickelmas ~~~~~ 25s/
James Steeden  and  Geo Petty and  James Terry  want to Contract until Mickelmas
James Holton    16s/0d each and if the keep out of theParish until Mickelmass to have 4s/ More Each

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