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Vestry p173

[transcription below image]  page 172 : page 174

page 173

[… paid Parish…]
Labourers to an amount less than his rate shall
pay the balance due on his rate to the
collecting overseer. ~

This resolution was carried by 29 31 votes to 3

Agreed that 4 men be constantly employed
on the road ~
Agree that one Parish Man be employed
on the Rectory, & one on the College Farm that
shall not be reckoned on this rate ~

Agreed that the Principle of this rate for
the employment of the Poor continue in
force till Oct. 10th 1833

Signed in behalf of the vestry

George Coleman, Chairman

Jane Smith applied for money to take her son
to Oxford infirmary – Allowed 10s/

Hannah Stuchfield applied for £2 for the relief
of her husband who has dislocated his knee
Allowed £1

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