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Vestry p174

[transcription below image]  page 173 : page 175

page 174

A Vestry Held this 9th day of May 1833
Present William Fletcher
William Toms
Jhon Craddock
Ambrse Durrant
Benjamin Wimbush
William Smith
Robert Hartley
George Coleman Chairman
‘Complaints’ Holton applied for relief
for her husband and family
and received 15s from the
9th of May up to the 11th of
Thomas Cross applied for
relief for him self
Benjimen Holton wants work

It was agreed upon at this Vestry that those
who keep dogs shall not have employment,
hand those that kill more than one fat pig
in a year and sell this instead of keeping
it for his own family shall not be employed
A shilling head money to be taken off all
family’s who received collection

Any person that keeps More than one Pig is not be
Employed or Paid

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