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Vestry p176

[transcription below image] page 175 : page 177

page 176

A Vestry Held this day 24th day of July
according to Notice given on Sunday 21st July
Present William Fletcher
William Toms
William Everett
Jhon Hitchcock
Robert Harris junior

Ben’n Holton applies for work
Thomas Inns applies for a cottage

A Vestry Held this day 2nd September
Ambrose Durrant
W’m Fletcher
W’m Smith
W’m Everett
W’m Toms
John Pollard

W’m Hogg applied for Labour
Richard Neal applied for Labour
C— S— applied for Labour
Mrs Stuchfield applied for relief for her husband
Harris do for Labour
Butcher do do Labour
?A Durrant applied for Labour
George Steedon applied for Labour
George Burnell applied for Labour
Ben’n Holton applied for Labour
W’m Holton  Thos Cross
John Markham  George Holton
Tho’s Cross  Ben’n Barrett
Thos Read

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