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Vestry p177

[transcription below image] page 176 : page 178

page 177

A Vestry Held the 25th day of September
according to Notice given on Sunday 22nd
Present William Toms
William Fletcher
Ambrose Durrant
John Pollard
John Craddock
Widow Key
Mrs Heritage wants her boy to be prentice
to be settled at the next meeting
Joseph Key wants his head money attend
  the next meeting
James Butcher do ~~~~~~~ do
A Vestry Held the 8th Oct’r according to notice
given on Sunday 6th
Present Rev’d Mr Coleman
Rev’d Mr Coker
Mr Toms
Mr Fletcher
Mr Hitchcox
Mr Neal
Eliz Hins allowed 1/
Eliz’th Manders wants pr shoes for her grandson
Mary Tery applies for Clothes for Children
at Workhouse
X Phoeby Key applies for more relief
Allowed/ Eliz. Hale applies for relief for Susan Stokes
X Sarah Adams applies for another shilling per Week
Joseph Shakespere & others apply for more
John Harris applies for relief for his Wife
Benj. Holton applies for work
John Wells applies for 2£16 to keep from the Parish
until Lady day

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