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Vestry p178

[transcription below image] page 177 : page 179

page 178
At a the same vestry Vestry convened according to the provision
& directions of an Act passed 58 George 3d entitled
an Act for the regulation of Parish Vestries
It was agreed upon unanimously that for
the purpose of employing or relieving the
poor of the Parish of Tingewick
That each occupier should employ labour
to the amount of 8s/ per week for every
forty pounds for which he is rated & so in
proportion according to whatever his rate may
That every person refusing to employ his
proportion shall pay to the overseer the
wages of that proportion the same as
if he employed them.

This agreement to continue in force for three

G. Coleman Chairman
John Coker for the College
A Durrant
W’m Fletcher
{ Overseers
John Craddock
William Toms
John Hitchcock
W’m Neale
W’m Smith
W’m Gun
Jn Cross

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