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Vestry p179

[transcription below image] page 178 : page 180

page 179

to wit
} At a Petty Sessions holden in and for the Three Hundreds
of Buckingham in the said County next after the date
of the foregoing agreement that is to say this twelfth
day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty
three We the undersigned the Majority of the Justices
at such Petty Sessions do hereby approve of the said ~~
Agreement provided the same do not continue in force
for more than One Month from the date hereof
H. Varney
Thomas ?Capston
George Morgan
Thomas Wright
A Vestry Held the 18th Oct’r according to Notice
given on Sunday 13th
Present Rev’d Mr Coker
W’m Fletcher
[?]J. Tomes
W’m Smith
Mr King
A Durrant
W Gough
X Mary Clark [Senr?] applies for relief for her Child
X Mary Clark ?Junr? Applies for Relief
allowed 6/- Eliz’th Terry wishes her allowance to be settled that
she is to receive during the time her husband
remains in gaol
John Cross makes a offer to fetch the Coal
for the Poor till [—] Lady Day for 9 £
Geo Ford  Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 “ 15
Geo Ford Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 “ 10
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 “ 5
Geo Ford Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 “ 0
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 “ 15
Geo Ford Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 “ 10
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 “ 5
Geo Ford Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 “ –
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 “ 15
Geo Ford Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 “ 10
Geo Nelson Do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 “ 5

[written sideways to right of table above:]
Geo Nelson agrees to fetch
the Coal for the Poor [—]
the [?]terms above  [?]mentioned
and to sell it at cost price
for 5 £ 5 s    George Nelson

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