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Vestry p182

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page 182

A Vestry Held the 8th day of April 1834 according to Puplict
Notice given on Sunday Last
Present The Rev’d Ge’o Coleman  Chairman
The Rev’d John Coker
W’m Fletcher
W’m Tomes
John Sheppard     Ambrose Durrant
W’m Everett
W’m Smith
Hen’y Painter
Complaints Sara Winterburn wants Relief – to stand over until
next Satturday when she sais to attend at Buckingham
Geo Burnall  Benj’n Holton and Edward Smith – want to be
Paid for Satturday Lst
Mary Terry for James Terry’s wife wants Relief~ to have her Allowance
Avice Patton wants Relief  ~~~~ Allowed
Thos Stuchfield wants Relief ~ to be Allowed 4 or 5 Shillings
James Read wants employ      to be Employed
?Gd? Holton wants Employ – wants 2s/6 Per Week not Allowed
Rob’t Read wants Relief ~ not Allowed
W’m Smith wants more Relief ~ to be Employed
Benj’n Durrant wants a Pair of Shoes   Allowed
James Holton wants 20 Shillings until 11th October  15s/0 ~~~
Tho’s Cross  wants 3s/6 Per Week ~ 3s/0d Wm Holton 3s/0 ~
John Cross to Allowed Four Pounds and Ten Shillings to fetch the
Coal fro the Poor until 11th day of October 1834
G. Coleman
And it further Agree that John Howes is to have 12s/ Per Week
for 1 Month to look after the Men and to Keep them their
Hours from 6 in the Morning untill 6 at Night
and to be at there Work by Seven
Half and Hour at Breakfast and one Hour at Dinner
    G. C.

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