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Vestry p187

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page 187

At a Vestry held this 10th day of September
1834 it was unanimously agreed to allow
the undersigned labouring men half pay till
the first of June 1835 provided they agree from
that time not to trouble the parish except
in case of illness; a portion of land being

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Present G Coleman Chairman
Rev’d J Coker
J Risley
Ed Southam
Geo. Parrot
J Fowler Churchwarden
J Hitchcock Churchwarden
W’m Toms Overseer
W’m Fletcher
J’no Sheppard
Amb: Durrant
John Craddock
W’m Everett
T Painter
Sam. Sheppard
Rich King
Rob’t Hartwell
W’m Smith
Ja’s Holton
We the undersigned labourers agree
to the above terms
The mark  X of Tho’s Read
James Read
Thomas Holton
The mark X of Tho’s Cross
The Mark ~ X of William Key

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