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Vestry p185

[transcription below image]  page 184 : page 186

page 185

Complaints Sara Winterburn wants some Relief Allowed 1s/0d
Rob’t Read wants Something done for him, not Allowed
A Vestery Held this 4th day of June 1834 According
to Notice given in the Church on Sunday Last
Present John Sheppard Chairman
W’m Fletcher
W’m Tomes
W’m Everett
W’m Smith
Amb’s Durrant
Complaints Daniel Smith Wife wants 1s/ Week ~ not Allowed
Fanny King wants something More for { ~1s/0d
  Girl ~ ~ ~ ~
John Markham wants Employ ~~ not Allowed
James Holton wants Employ ~ ~ to be Employed
Tho’s Cross his to Pay Wm Toms Levy and Expences
  of the Summons ~~ 4s/1d
James ?Berry ~ to Pay arrears of Levey and Summons 10s/
?Sara Adams to have 7s/- Per Week
Thos Alton to have  ~ 4/  Do
Wid’w Bloxham   do   4/  do
Wid’w Harvy ~ ~ ~ taken of ~~~
Wid’w Heritage ~ ~ ~ ~ 4/
Wid’w Lucas  ~ ~ ~ ~ 2/6
W’m Side  ~~ ~~ ~~ 1/
?Twichings   ~ Child ~  1/
Winterburn ~ ~ ~ ~ 4/
1834 August 26th John Carr wants Employ ~~ and for his Boy
John Harriss  do  do  ~
James Butcher do  do  ~
James Terry do  do  ~
Thos Smith Wid’w wants Relief

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