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Vestry p 60

[transcription below image]

page 59  (overseer summary 1830) :  page 61

page 60

At Vestry held this 10 day of Sept’r 1834

Present The Rev’d G. Coleman Chairman

Complaints ?R’d Horwood wanted some Relief and Employ


John Carr

do    do

3 weeks


Ge’o Smith

do    do

1  do


Ge’o Burnall

do    do

2 do

?wants Midwife

Rich’d Neal wants employ
Tho’s Key

wants some Relief and Employ –

John Butcher

wants Employ

?G’o Petty wants more Relief 1/-
Ann Smith wants Relief
Boys out of Employ to be Employed

At Vestry held this 29th Day of September 1834

Present The Rev’d G. Coleman
John Sheppard
Will’m Tomes W’m Fletcher
W’m Everitt
W’m Smith
Complaints) Ge’o Stockley Wants Employ
John Petty – – –  do
Tho’s Carr

do    do

W’m Hale

do    do

Ge’o Holton


or Relief


W’m Holton wants More  Land ?ave [i.e. half?] his Pay


Ab’se Durrant

wants Employ

– to Employ

John Key

wants Employ

– 1/- Per Week

William Key

? not willing to give up his Land ?

Eliz’th Turner wants some Stockings
?Tho’s Winterburn wants Something More for his ?dau


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