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Vestry p 68

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page 67 :  page 69

page 68

Complaints William Holton wants Some thing for his Wife  ?illEliz’th Manders wants a Pair of Shoes for her Grandson ?AllowedFrancis Baliss wants Relief  Allowd  2/6d for Present ?being

Edmund Stuchfield and others wants some thing allowed to go after Work

Rich’d Neal and Ja’s Terry and Jo’s Heritage to be Paid for ?weeding

to what the done   Agreed that the Men be sent  ?down

Mr Treadwell Put to Level it and that Smith go with themand to have 6d per day ExtraGeo Buckingham to have  —– Sara  Adams  5/- Per Week

Hanna Key –  1/6d Per Week – – Wid’w Clark 2/-

Cha’s Packer  4/6d   do       W’m Heritage to be taken of –

Tho’s Smith Jun’r  4/6  Do   Mary Savin – 4/6 per week

W’m Bateman money to be taken of if the Leveys are not paid

Eliz’th Short to have 3/d Per Week

the Bastard Children to be taken of 6d Each

A Vestrey Held this 5th Day of June  1835


The Rev’d G Coleman  ChairmanHen’y DuglasJohn Sheppard

W’m Everett

W’m Smith

Cha’s Gilling

Rob’t Hartwell

Edmund Southam

Complaints   Mary Clark wants more Money  —  not Allowed
Abr’m Durrants Wife wants some ReliefWilliam Holton Wife wants Relief – to be left to the OverseerW’m Smith wants Relief  Allowed Half Pay until // next Vestry

Tho’s Read wants  Do  Allowed  2 Men 2 days

W’m Winterburn to have 2/6d Per Week

Hana Steedon Money to be taken of if she has Received

her Money

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