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Vestry p 69

[transcription below image]

page 68 : page 70

page 69

A Vestrey Held this 17th Day of June  1835


Cha’s GillingJohn Sheppard

W’m Tomes

W’m Smith

John Craddock


W’m EverettEdmund Southam

Rob’t Hartwell



Eliz’th Butcher application for Relief for Hanna Heritage   2/6d AlledTho’s Stuchfield  Wife wants Relief for her Husband  ?NA

W’m Neal’s Wife wants Something Allowed for her Boy  not Allowed

Benj’n Holton Wife wants something for her Husband  \ not Allowed

Mary Clark wants something Allowed for her daughters

Children Allowed s3/ Per Week

Charles Packer wife wants more Money – not Allowed

Thos Read wants some Relief Allowed 2/6

W’m Smith  wants some Relief     2/6 Allowed

Abram Durrant not [crossed out]

Wm Smith Sen’r not be Employed any Longer than this Week

W’m Bateman to have 1/6 Per Week and Not to have any-

thing until his Rates are Paid –

Wid’w Bloxham to have 3/ Per Week until next Vestry

Ann Rapwell 2/6  Per Week  Sara Heritage Boy not to be

Employed Ann Winmill 2/6 Wid’w Lee 2/6  Wid’w Key 2/6 –

No Wid’w have more s2/6d Each Wid’w Lucas 2/0 Wid’w Powell [crossed out]

Wid’w Steeden and Sara to have 4/6 – Mary Savin 4/-

Geo Buckingham 4/-  Tho’s Cross s1/6d  ?N Franklin 4/-

W’m Perrin and Mary Stearn 3/ Each  –  Tho’s Smith 4/

Thos Smith Jun’r – 4/ ——–

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