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Vestry p 81

[transcription below image]   page 80 : page 82


At a Meeting Held in the Parish Church of Tingewick
this 15th day of March 1838 according to a Notice Duly
Given for the Purpose of Agreeing to Appoint
the Person to Value the Houses Tenements and
Lands Within the Parish of Tingewick
Present the Rev’d G. Coleman
Mr Chas Gilling
  W’m Everett
Rob Hartly
Jos Hartly for Miss Marey Cook
Mr E. Southam and Mr W’m Packer
Tho’s Painter
John Hitchcock
A Durrantt
Jn’o Sheppard
Jonothan Arnatt
W’m Tomes
R’d King
R’d Butcher
R’d Gunn
R’d Hartley
W’m Smith
It was Proposed by the Rev G Coleman Chairman
and Seconded by Mr E. Southam that Mr G.T?
Davenport be Appointed to Value the Parish
The above proposition was unanimously
agreed to
G. Coleman,  Chairman

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