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Problems at Rootsweb

As some of you may know, there has been a security problem at Rootsweb (who host the main Tingewick website).  Hopefully it will be resolved soon – and hopefully the current pages will be restored as the site was first created some 20 years ago and I might have trouble finding all the files to re-upload.

Fingers crossed!

I’ve recently been hunting down all the Tingewick-born folk on the 1911 census – the ones who had moved away from the village and were recorded elsewhere.  The extra details on that most recent census have enabled me to tie up all sorts of loose ends and solve lots of little mysteries.  I’ll post another message once I’ve finished it and uploaded the revised trees to the main Tingewick site.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas – either with all the joy and chaos of visiting family, or the joy and luxury of a quiet self-indulgent day with your feet up – and that 2018 is the year when you finally track down that elusive ancestor who has been hiding from you almost from the first draft of your family tree – in my case, my grandfather’s grandfather.  Not only have I never found his birth – apparently in Edinburgh in 1824 – but he also manages to vanish in Glasgow sometime between the birth of his son in 1864 and the 1871 census.  Despite 30 years of hunting, I’m still hoping!


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